900+ high quality 3D illustrations

This mobile application contains a big
collection of dental images

Modern digital technologies

Explain your patients in details about possible treatment options using this dental app. 3D graphics will best help your patients to perceive information and to visit the dentist without fear or anxiety

How it works ?

The main menu has 8 different tabs. Each tab represents one direction or theme of dentistry. By clicking on these tabs, you get into a menu with all images related to this theme or direction. It is very convenient to consult the patient by showing 3D pictures, explaining every step as you went along.


iPhone, iPad
Android phone, Tablet, TV

Educate patients using dental app

What’s inside ?

Inside this dental app you will find next categories:
  • 1. Dental Anatomy
  • 2. Cleaning and Hygiene
  • 3. Tooth Tretament
  • 4. Prostetics
  • 5. Implantation
  • 6. Ortodontics
  • 7. Periodontology
  • 8. Dental Surgery

Benefits :

  • 1. Medically accurate 3D illustrations
  • 2. Well-organized
  • 3. Can works without internet connection
  • 4. Localized at 10 languages
  • 5. Regular updates
  • 6. Download for free
100 K+






Get the App:

iPhone, iPad
Android phone, Tablet, TV